Call Maxicab & Minibus Booking Services

7 Seater Call Maxicab

  • Maxicab 1 Way $55
  • Maxicab Airport Pick Up $60
  • Maxicab Hourly Booking $50/Hr

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Call Maxicab

13 Seater Minibus

  • Minibus 1 Way $65
  • Minibus Airport Pick Up $70
  • Minibus Hourly Booking $55/Hr

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Alphard / Vellfire

  • Alphard 1 Way $65?$60
  • Alphard Airport Pick Up - $70?$65
  • Alphard Hourly Booking $55/Hr

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Call Maxicab Singapore

Call Maxicab Singapore has been providing Maxicab and Minibus services for many years in Singapore.? We have a large fleet of Maxicab and Minibus ranging from 7 seater, 9 seater to 13 seater and Toyota Alphard/Vellfire

The advantage we have over other companies are, with a large fleet, we are able to cater to last minute orders all over Singapore.? With a response time of 10 minutes islandwide, we are the NO.1 choice in Singapore.

When you call Maxicab, we are the fastest fleet to response to any booking of Maxicab

Our competitive rates Starting from $45 for a 7 Seater, $55 for a 9 Seater and $60 for a 13 Seater.

We Believe In Service For You To Believe In us.

Tired of Filling Up Forms?

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Why Call Maxicab?

We have been in the market long before Grab And Uber came into Singapore. We have a large fleet of Maxicab & Minibus that makes us a competitive player in the market.  We have been extending our services to many private and Government Sector our the years.

Majors event in Singapore such as F1, National Day, Chingay, Lunar New Year, Air Show, Asean Summit and many mores, have used our service for Maxicab & Minibus Transportation.